Helicopter ride over

Canadian northern tundra (May 2013)

Labrador Canada (May 2013)

Rappelling into a cenote

Mexico (January 2008)

About me

Olympia Greece, October 2018

I'm the mom of three grown children and have 2 amazing (of course) grandsons.

My full-time job is in Public Health and I love to read, learn, cook, travel, and be out in nature - when the weather is nice...

And because I love to travel and spend time in nature, the environment and taking care of our planet is very important to me.

It is important to me to try to do what I can to help leave our earth a better place for my grandchildren than the one I inherited.

I have been blessed to have travelled to some of the most beautiful places both in Canada and around the world.

I have stood under the canopy of indescribably beautiful rain-forests, flown in a helicopter over breath-takingly barren Canadian tundra, seen the haunting beauty of a southern bayou, stood watching the most brilliant sunsets over unfathomably blue oceans, and cried with the utter joy of standing in places where some of our earliest known civilizations were born.

None of these experiences were from a life of privilege. All were either hard-earned, or experienced as the result of a personal tragedy, but each of them was a gift I am incredibly grateful for.

All of them impressed upon me how precious our planet is and how important it is to do what we can to fix the mess we have made here before it is too late.

Even little things can make a difference.

Yes! Recycling and composting are important! Being more conscious of our carbon footprint and how we use fossil fuels makes a difference! But I believe that our everyday actions can make the most impact of all.

Chichén Itzá

Mexico (December 2009)

Coba, Mexico

(January 2008)

Motorsports with grandson

in central Ontario (May 2020)

Other Good. Clean. Fun.

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Click the links to see a few of my current top picks.

I also love to read.

I love historical novels. (The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is hands-down my all-time favourite, but Harry Potter is a close second).

I also love reading business development books.

And self-development books that encourage and help me try to be a better human are another favourite.

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Come back later. I will be adding some videos and pictures!!

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Did you know that I started learning to ride a dirt bike when I was 54 years old?!


I had wanted to learn as a teenager but it was not considered to be a “girls sport”...

At 54 years old, with some encouragement and training from my boyfriend who is a long-time rider, I got behind the handlebars on my first dirt bike and fell in love.

It’s now a bit of a family sport and my grandsons and I took our first ‘professional’ dirt bike courses together!!

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